The more our world charges toward an all digital experience,

the more people start to value the evidence of time spent,

tactile craft, and intentional design.


Victoria Butterfly Garden - Staycation Winter Campaign

Take a Staycation at the tropical oasis that is the Victoria Butterfly Gardens.


  • To create a modern, trendy, and playful ad campaign to invite young local families to visit the garden during the winter when its dark, cold, and rainy in Victoria. 

  • To introduce people to the other animals that live at the gardens other than butterflies. 


Alicia’s Florals - A locally focused and sustainably-minded floral company.


  • To create a visual identity that represents the modern, stylish, and youthful brand.

  • Alicia provided me with these feelings that the brand should encompass: Wild, Colour, Romantic, Movement.

  • To celebrate the creators hands; the thoughtful and beautiful soul, Alicia Baerg.



Curate Developments - A start-up building development company with an impressive portfolio and a contemporary style.


  • To create a visual identity that represents the modern, refined, and capable brand.

  • To stand out amongst other development companies by using attractive colours, fonts, and bold layouts.

  • To create an easily scalable logo to be printed on banners and signage to be installed at building sites.

  • Created at Metropol Industries Inc.



Floyd’s Diner - New branding for an old Victoria classic!


  • To create a new brand identity that reflects their history and 50’s nastalgia.

  • To create a cohesive and memorable brand between their many locations - restaurants and food truck.

  • Create a logo that can be easily transferred to their decor, menus, merch., and signage.

  • Created at Metropol Industries Inc.



Iris Dynamics Ltd. - A robotic engineering company in Victoria, BC. 


  • To create a staff appreciation gift that celebrates their company culture of Rick & Morty fans, beer, their shop dog, a mouse, and robotic engineering.

  • Created at Metropol Industries Inc.



Author Clothing Co. - Organic, fair trade, and modern children's clothing company.


  • To create a visual identity for Author Clothing Co. that expresses "process over perfection."

  • To express modernity, simplicity, and intention as well as organic, fair trade, and childlike.

  • To create a consistent visual identity that leaves room for multiple applications and variations.

  • To create a font that looks like a child's cursive writing that will serve as a foundation for the brand.


High Noon To Midnight - Awesome local rock n’ roll band!


  • To create a logo that represents their diverse sound and badass stage presence.

  • To create a graphic rich icon that looks good on band merch., posters, and their new album cover.

Follow_The_Buffalo-logo-black-April2017 copy.jpg

Follow the Buffalo - A creative writing and nomadic lifestyle brand by Sunny Cooper.

"In my life-and-work philosophy, I follow the Buffalo, which means I try to stay true to a certain vision or dream for me and my work and my family." - Sunny Cooper


  • To create a logo for Follow the Buffalo that represents Sunny's nomadic lifestyle, creative ever-evolving writing practice, and her dedication to her mantra, "Follow The Buffalo."

  • Sunny contacted me to illustrate a logo using ink specifically because of it's organic structure and energetic brush strokes. She wanted to use the blue polaroid of the buffalo as an inspiration.

  • Together we came up with the three colours to represent the three different themes of her creative studio; writing, migration, and her dedication to bringing reconciliation to the First people of America.



Medium Art Studio & Et-cet-era Home Consign & Design - By Lindsay Marr


  • To create a logo for Medium Art studio that can be placed on many different backgrounds. And that will express the wide range of art mediums that Medium Art Studio offers.

  • To create a logo for Etcetera that will make the viewer aware of it's connection to Medium Art studio, while expressing it's more rustic and farmhouse style home goods.



Bravery - Youth mentorship program.


  • To create a visual identity for Bravery that expresses youthfulness, modernity, and minimalism, as well as it's focus on adventure.

  • To standout from other non-profits that often look bright, colourful, and over-sentimental.

  • To create a flexible logo that can be broken down to a bare bones logo or accompanied by sketched icons, a mantra, and a photo background.

  • To create a website that is user-friendly and communicates Bravery's values.

  • To create a case-letter for Bravery that communicates who, what, and how, and that stands out from other text based documents.



Adventure Matching Game


  • To create a product for children that promotes education and art, while avoiding the use of quick and easy tactics like bright colours, stock images, and overly-simplified subject matters.

  • To create a game that is fun to play and is beautiful enough to display.



A-Z Animal Flashcards


  • To create a product for children that promotes education and art, while avoiding the use of quick and easy tactics like bright colours, stock images, and overly-simplified subject matters.

  • To simplify by only use black and white as it is proven to be a factor in infant's eye development.

  • To not assume that young children cannot learn more unique types of animals.

  • To avoid using digital graphics in order to promote the handmade aesthetic.



  • I love the blank canvas that is the poster and have designed many posters over the years for local events in Victoria, BC.

  • I strive to create posters that are eye-catching by using complimentary colours, stylish fonts, and striking layouts.

  • My ongoing goal is to promote a handmade aesthetic though hand or digital illustration.

  • The Cinevic & Gelati posters were created at Metropol Industries Inc.



Brand Identity & Logo Design - A few of my favourites. 

  • A number of these logos were created at Metropol Industries Inc.