Ashley Opperman is an emerging artist, designer, and illustrator based in Victoria, BC where she was born (1991). She graduated from Camosun College (2014) with a Diploma in Visual Arts and has since worked as a Lead Designer, launched her own design studio, and continued to grow and evolve her art practice. 

She uses paint and textile craft to generate dialogue about identity, culture, and gender. Her current abstract painting series, “Honest Painting” searches for the antidote to cultural pressures of our time that often elicit anxiety, loneliness, and burn-out, while drawing on her experience and philosophies as a designer.

Ashley has partnered with a multitude of start-ups and local businesses to invent successful brand and marketing schemes. She has also come on-board the City of Victoria’s design roster to produce digital illustrations for local events and marketing materials.

Her most recent accomplishment, along with a talented team, was securing first place in the 2019 Code Hack: a 24hr healthcare innovation challenge organized by Island Health in collaboration with the British Columbia Ministry of Health.

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2018 - present: Victoria, B.C.: Ashley Opperman Art & Design

2019: Island Health: Victoria, B.C. : 1st place: Code Hack

2017 - 2018: Metropol Industries: Victoria, B.C. : Lead Designer

2016 - 2017: Metropol Industries: Victoria, B.C. : Service Rep.: Printshop

2015 - current: LDI (non-profit): Victoria, B.C. : Admin & Design: Office

2016: Life Tree Ministries: Victoria, B.C. : Admin, Social Media & Design: Office

2016: Create Luova: Austin, Texas : Ashley Opperman: Published Interview

2016: Picot Collective: Victoria, B.C. : HOOP Series: Shop

2015: Vic42 Studio: Victoria, B.C. : Ashley Opperman: Solo Exhibition

2015: Vic42 Blog: Victoria, B.C. : Capturing the Love of Art: Published Interview

2015: Vic42 Studio: Victoria, B.C. : Teresa Lindsay Couture: A Pop-up Shop

2015: Darling Magazine: L.A. : The Great Divide: "River" & "Agate" Paintings (Fall issue)

2014: Xchanges Gallery: Victoria B.C. : Bare and Unleashed: A group exhibition